Product List

All bread and rolls require 24 hour notice.


Golden Parisiens 24" 10-Pack

Light Baked Parisiens 24" 10-Pack

Baguette 24" Ea.

12" Baguette (1/2) 4-Pack

12" Wheat Baguette (1/2) 4-Pack

8" Baguette (1/3) 6-Pack

6" Baguette (1/4) 6-Pack

Light Baked Wheat Parisiens 24" 10-Pack

6" Club Rolls 6-Pack

8" Club Rolls 6-Pack

6" Pumpernickel Club Rolls 6-Pack

Dinner Rolls

Brioche (Dozen) 1.5 oz.

Brioche (Case 120) 1.5 oz.

Mini French Rustic (Case 120) 1.5 oz.

6X5 (Slider Buns) (30 Count) 1.5 oz.

Specialty Breads

Focaccia - Precut In 10 Pieces

Focaccia - Full Sheet (2-Pack)

Sourdough Boule (3 Day Notice Required) 16 oz.

French Soupier (8 oz. Boule) (Dozen)

Sourdough Boule (8 oz.) (Case Of 12)

Kaiser Rolls And Buns

Sold By The Dozen

Plain Kaiser 5"

Sesame Topped Kaiser 5"

Onion Topped Kaiser 5"

Poppy Topped Kaiser 5"

Cornmeal Topped Kaiser 5"

Plain Kaiser 4"

Sesame Kaiser 4"

Cornmeal Kaiser 4"

White Rustic Sandwich Roll

Potato Rosemary Rustic Sandwich Roll

Hamburger Bun-Small

Hamburger Bun-Large

Sesame Hamburger Bun-Large

Wheat Hamburger Bun-Small

Brioche Bun

Hamburger Bun-Picnic Size

Potato Bun

Deli Breads

Vienna White


Light Rye


Cracked Wheat

Marble Rye

Aspen 7 Grain

Potato Rosemary (3/4" Slice Only)


Pan Size Loaves

Cracked Wheat



Marble Rye

Egg Bread (3/4" Slice Only)

All deli breads and pansize breads are available regular sliced (1/2"), thick sliced (3/4") and unsliced. We also offer medium sliced (5/8") on sourdough, rye, wheat, marble rye and vienna deli bread.

All items below require 48 hour notice.

Croissants (Pure Butter)

3 oz. Curved 4-Pack

Chocolate 6-Pack

Cream Cheese 6-Pack

Raspberry Cream Cheese 6-Pack

Variety Pack (Choc.-2, Cream Cheese-2, Rasp.-2) 6-Pack

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll Ring 9"

All items below require 48 hour notice.

Quick Breads (Breakfast)

Blueberry Lemon, Loaf

Banana Pecan, Loaf

Zucchini Spice, Loaf

Pumpkin Chocolate, Loaf

Blueberry Lemon, Slices 4-Pack

Banana Bread, Slices 4-Pack

Zucchini Bread, Slices 4-Pack

Pumpkin Bread, Slices 4-Pack


Raisin Bran - Reduced Fat 4-Pack

Blueberry Cream Cheese 4-Pack

Sour Cherry Oatbran 4-Pack

Lemon Poppy 4-Pack

Variety Pack (Bran, Blue, Lemon, Cherry) 4-Pack

Muffin Tops, Blueberry 6-Pack

Muffin Tops, Lemon Poppy 6-Pack

Muffin Tops, Seasonal Flavor 6-Pack

Half-Size Muffins

Blueberry Cream Cheese 12-Pack

Sour Cherry Oatbran 12-Pack

Lemon Poppy 12-Pack


Apple 6-Pack


Cream Cheese 6-Pack

Bear Claw 4-Pack

Variety Pack (Apple-2, Cherry-2, C.C.-2) 6-Pack

Mini Danish

Apple 12-Pack

Cherry 12-Pack

Cream Cheese 12-Pack


Blueberry 4-Pack

Seasonal 4-Pack

Apricot Almond 4-Pack

Double Orange 4-Pack

Cinnamon Pecan 4-Pack

Variety Pack A (Cinn. Pecan, (2) Seasonal, Apricot Almond) 4-Pack

Variety Pack B (2 Blueberry, 2 Orange) 4-Pack

Half-size scones are available by the dozen in blueberry, apricot almond
and orange.

Whole Cakes And Tortes

All cakes are 9"

Chocolate Oblivion

Caramel Oblivion

Tarts And Pies

All tarts are 11" — all pies are 9"

Almond Fruit Tart

Dutch Apple Pie

Seasonal Fruit Pie

Pecan Pie (Seasonal)**

Chocolate Pecan Pie (Seasonal)**

Pumpkin Pie (Seasonal)**

Individual Desserts

Cranberry Granola Bars 4-Pack

Walnut Brownies 4-Pack

Rocky Road Brownies 4-Pack

White Choc. Ras. Brownies 4-Pack

Caramel Pecan Blondies 4-Pack

Brownies (Any Flavor) (Full Sheet)

Brownies (Any Flavor) (1/2 Sheet)

Brownies (Any Flavor) (1/4 Sheet)


Monster Cookies (Wheat-Free) 4-Pack

Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies 4-Pack

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 4-Pack

Snickerdoodle Cookies 4-Pack

Seasonal Cookies 4-Pack

Iced Sugar Cookie (Changes Seasonally) 4-Pack

Black And White Cookies 3-Pack

Variety Pack Biscotti (Undipped) 12-Pack

Variety Pack Biscotti (Dipped) 12-Pack

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